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(James Joyce, Ulysses)

The Irish writer James Joyce spent between 1905 and 1920, several years in Trieste; this is roughly a century ago. We do not know if he has ever tasted the Ramandolo wine, but we like to think that writing the words above he immagined the sweetness of the wine from these hills of Friuli and we are confident that those who taste today our Ramandolo DOCG, which derives from the grapes of Yellow Verduzzo after a long passerilage before the vine pressing in the end of the autumn, feel in their mouth the warmth of the sun. Watching the vines extraordinary color you will understand why someone called this wine “the Gold from Ramandolo”.

Ramandolo is the wine that probably represents best the soul of its people: straightforward men, sometimes rough but hospitable, of a generous nature and traditional culture, strongly loving their land. Fascinating for the rare and exciting balance between tannin, acidity and sweetness, the color is yellow just like antique gold and its scent is of dried apricot and chestnut honey; it’s the perfect wine for meditation and contemplation. The Ramandolo is unforgettable for its strong character and the pleasantly sweet flavor, it is full-bodied, with hints of aromatic essences and we reccomend it is a delight with San Daniele ham and ripe figs, with bacon, salami from Nimis, aged cheeses, smoked trout, foie gras and of course with the Ramandolini (already centuries ago known as Uessuz bisquites) to dip in the wine, the friulian nut and raisin cake with grappa named Gubana or the epiphanic fruitbread. Coming from one of the oldest grapevine plants from Friuli you can find it in the list of wines served in the Council in 1409 to Pope Gregory XII, and it is the first DOCG of our region. The vineyards are in the sun on the rolling hills between the towns of Nimis and Tarcento, former land of Celts and Lombards, in Friuli, in the province of Udine. The production is currently limited to 285,000 bottles per year.