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Genuine, well prepared, made with love, “di cjase” (housewife-recipes, in friulian language) are just some of the adjectives needed to fully define the cuisine of “I Comelli”. The cusine is strongly linked to the territory and the seasons. The recipes of the dishes that mother Livia prepares loose in her interpretation their former characteristics of poor old times, to become symbols of a tasty rediscovery of old traditions. Beside the “simbolic” friulian dishes as barley-bean soup, Frico (potato cheese cake) and “brovade and muset” (cooked pork sausage accompanied by in the vernasse fermented and then shredd turnips), “I Comelli” offer delicious pies with vegetables, Gnocchi (small potato or bread dumplings) and the choice of meat dishes: rabbit, pork ribs, guinea-fowl as well as donkey stew. Inevitable are polenta and do not miss the sweet and sour vegetables. Speaking about sweets, in the end of the dinner there are homemade pies and cakes and the creation of a genius: the Ramandolo mousse …