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Our 5 people project!

When people do their best to achieve something, in italian you’d say Ci siamo fatti in quattro! but “I Comelli” went further than that – they achieved it all in 5. Father Alessandro welcomes the guests with the warmth of the friulian people and Mother Livia, a skilled cook, prepares simple and tasty dishes from friulian cusine.

The three sons – Paolo, Francesco and Enrico – in addition to their part in the agriturismo-farmhouse, follow the farm and its various components: the vineyards in the first place (and the new winery, the pride of the family), the garden and the orchard, the farm animals (cows, also some examples of European Bison, goats, ducks, donkeys and beautiful horses). The bees derserve to be mentioned a part; for Francesco they became more and more of a passion than a hobby.

famiglia comelli